Union Organizing Vulnerability


Erlanger, KY (February 21, 2018)- Unions can cause disruptions to certain companies, and many employers would like to stay clear of them. Sometimes employees feel as if there is nothing left they can do but try to unionize. A company called ANHS offers union avoidance training for businesses to learn how to create an environment where no employee seeks outside representation. These union avoidance training sessions involve tips on management education, the union-free privilege, and vulnerability tests. These vulnerability tests help to see how vulnerable their company is to union organizing. There are three types of quizzes that can be taken depending on your organization’s structure. By taking this quiz, you will be tested in six different categories including communication, HR/benefits, compensation, policy, staffing, and potential threats. This quiz allows for quality in-depth information to be assessed about your company and whether or not you should be worried.


Taking this quiz is painless and gives tons of information. Your results will be given as a grade on a scale of 1-100 points so that you have an idea about where you fall. They also provide you with a written assessment that helps further explain your numerical score. To receive all of this useful information, you only need to provide them with a name and email address. ANHS has an experienced team ready to ensure that your company will avoid unions at all costs. They are available to assist in a multitude of training sessions and have a 95% win rate for their clients.



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