Bryzos is a marketplace where buyers and sellers are able to negotiate for the exchange of steel. Ranging from steel pipe, tube coil, plate, fittings, or flanges. Bryzos has everything you would need when dealing with steel. Bryzos was founded and grown by steel industry veterans who started out selling and operating with steel but eventually turned their hard work into an online marketplace. Bryzos main job is to facilitate the sales between buyers and sellers. They will put the buyers and sellers in contact with each other so they can start negotiating a deal. Bryzos is positioned to change the marketplace because they have different options when buying steel. The consumer is able to search for listings or use their main system, the BID Blaster.

The Bid Blaster is a negotiating system kind of like Amazon or eBay. The steps required to use the Blaster include:

  • uploading a Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Entering specifics about the deal
  • Submit the BOM into the marketplace

Once the BOM is submitted into the marketplace, the sellers will start to get in contact with the buyer. They will send quotes to the buyer in order to start the negotiation process. The quotes can be about a wide range of steel such as galvanized, carbon, stainless, etc. The buyer can either reject, accept, or counter the sellers offer based on what the buyer needs. A main feature of the Blaster is there is a time limit which helps out the buyer and seller in the process. Bryzos is here to help buyers and sellers get in direct contact with each other in hopes of making a deal. They are revolutionizing the steel industry to make it easier for the buyers and sellers to do business.