Giving Back With Keller Williams Cares

St. Louis, MO (February 21, 2018) – Community service and charitable work can help people have a more fulfilled life. Helping others is a great way to also help yourself. Seeing other people happy because of something that you did is one of the most rewarding feelings for some people. There are many benefits of charitable work that are important to keep in mind. Many people need help in some form, whether it be due to health reasons, monetary reasons, etc. Charitable organizations are always looking for volunteers for just about anything. Without these volunteers, they could not continue on. Donations are crucial to help families who may be struggling, to fund research for diseases, and so much more. Many companies know the importance of contributing, therefore they partner with a charitable organization who inspires them.

An example of a company that partnered with a charitable organization is Liberty Lending Consultants, a mortgage company in the St. Louis area. Liberty Lending partnered with Keller Williams Cares to provide relief and funds for disasters and emergencies. One project KW Cares is working on that struck Liberty’s attention was the California wildfires that started back in 2017. Liberty Lending cares about people and thought this was an organization they could help contribute to. One of their goals is to help customers achieve their dreams while keeping their financial status in mind, which is why this partnership makes sense.

Lending Services that Liberty Lending Consultants Offer:

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