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St. Louis, MO (February 26, 2018)- Being accused of a murder would be one of the scariest situations to deal with. Luckily, the People’s Counsel has trustworthy attorneys with proven track records that can help if you are in this situation. Charles Barberio is ranked among the top criminal defense attorneys in St. Louis, receiving multiple awards for his amount of Not Guilty verdicts. His clients believe him and his partner are great at negotiating favorable plea bargains and winning at trial.

In December, Charles Barberio defended Jamal Clay, who was accused of second-degree murder. Jamal was in an altercation at the Schnucks in the Sierra Vista Plaza over an alleged marijuana deal. Things took a turn when Wesley Hughes attacked Mr. Barerio’s client, causing there to be a struggle for Clay’s gun. Clay ended up shooting Hughes twice, pleading self-defense. Clearly, the odds did not look good in Clay’s favor, but Barberio was able to help convince the jury that he was not guilty. This is just one magnificent example from the hundreds of clients The People’s Counsel have helped receive not guilty verdicts for.

The People’s Counsel specializes in all types of criminal cases on the state and federal levels. They know that every client and case is different, so they target to their clients with trust and compassion. Free consultations are available for anything ranging from murder to a DUI/DWI to make clients feel more comfortable with the process. These attorneys care and will stand up and fight for you.

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