Web Writing Jargon

Understanding Required for Content Writing

Web writing requires an understanding of basic terms, including keywords, search engine optimization, and social networking.

The internet provides endless opportunities for writers to get into the trade. Web writing has a low barrier to entry and can provide the flexibility writers often want. To get started in web writing, you will need to familiarize yourself with a few basic concepts, but once you understand the lingo, you are prepared to begin finding clients.

Content Writing

jargonBasic content writing gives readers snippets of information gathered around a very small topic. While newspapers and magazines are geared toward a general audience, pages on the Internet are more niche-oriented.

When someone purchases a newspaper, that person has access to articles of all topics within the newspaper. Content writing is different in that readers find articles based on what they search for or the links that piqued their interest, meaning web writing largely is about writing in a way that allows people to find the articles.

Headlines are less snappy and more straightforward because those headlines do better with online audiences.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the most popular term to understand to write for the Internet. When someone types a search phrase into a search engine, the engine returns answers based on the pages that search engine’s algorithm have determined are the most relevant. All search engines have what are called “spiders” that search the web for new content.

Creating SEO-friendly pages means learning how to use appropriate keywords and make them an integral part of the copy in a web article.

For example, more people search for the phrase “buy car stereos” than search for “purchase car stereos,” and a quality web writer is aware of these types of speech patterns and uses this knowledge to choose the appropriate keywords.

Social Networking

Learning to participate in social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, is a core part of web writing. Because ad revenue online depends on the number of people who visit a site, getting more people to an article is key to making a website profitable.

Using social networking means connecting with people who are interested in the writer’s subject. A writer on soccer, for instance, would seek out blogs or forums on soccer and make comments with links back to the original writer’s site.

Using this type of social networking makes web writers’ work more profitable for clients and also allows web writers to branch into profitable writing for themselves rather than only for clients.

Beginning in web writing means learning the basics of SEO and other related terms and putting together samples that show potential clients this understanding.