SeatGEN declared a brand new classroom seating chart software that they created, which includes a wide array of features to aid teachers and educators deal with all their pupils easily. It’s been very hard for teachers and educators to manage the hundreds of students, specifically remembering their names and faces. This new online seating chart maker will allow these teachers to make a seating plan almost quickly right after the classes begin.

This new interactive seating chart includes brand new features to aid teachers to record all the information related to a student and have access to it with a click of a button.

Some people claim that this kind of application isn’t useful since there are many apps that could help with teaching, but this is actually one of the best and simplest apps that will assist instructors with their busy work. There are 2 known benefits that will make you think twice when you’re thinking of using this app of seatGEN. It’ll much easier for you to remember the names and faces of your pupils because this program enables you to put an image together with the name of the student. There are also times when some kids would choose to seat in the front, especially those with learning disabilities, poor eyesight and poor hearing.

SeatGEN revolutionizes the seat plans made by instructors and enabled them to create their own seating plan without having to spend lots of time. There are tons of classroom seating chart templates in the marketplace right now, but none of them can overcome the years of experience that seatGEN has when it comes to creating technology solutions for classrooms.

The application that was released by seatGEN is probably the best in the market due to the features that it can offer to teachers like comprehensive seating charts, photos, and other student information, making profiles for students and more. The program will let the teachers add some information about the pupils like grades, attendance and more.

This program will definitely be a game changer for all the instructors who are having a hard time making their own seat plan. They won’t need to spend plenty of time memorizing every single student and the names are also coupled with photos of the pupils so it would be easier for the teacher to memorize them.

Temporary teachers may also be used if the teacher may have to take leave for a couple of days. This new program will enable the substitute teacher to adjust to the pupils because all the info about them is already accessible in the app. This program is definitely beneficial with regards to teaching.

If you want to locate a free classroom seating chart maker for teachers, there are some of them in the market at this time. You can contact us these days if you’d like to know more about this.

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