Through the holiday season of 2017 and 2018, a custom coffee sleeve company in St. Louis offered a limited run on seasonal sleeve designs. This promotion, from Sleeve A Message, featured the ability to purchase 100 custom sleeves for only $50. There was also an offer of sleeves with a holiday theme, but supplies were limited.  Interested customers were instructed to call or email the company with their requests.

Sleeve a Message reduces costs using a four-color printing strategy. They specialize in having no minimum variable printing and feature a 7 business day turnaround. This speed comes from the full staff of designers at Sleeve who make vivid designs quickly to keep customers happy.

Custom cup sleeves are often used for advertising and promotions. They offer a way to send a custom message to someone buying coffee or tea. Everything from cheerleader tryouts on a college campus to the upcoming entertainment schedule at a bar is found on the sleeves. The sleeves are entirely eco-friendly (as they use water-based inks and are completely recyclable) and the company plants trees through Forest ReLeaf of Missouri.

Sleeve a Message has a sister company that sells custom drink coasters. The coasters are also useful for sending targeted messages as advertisements, such as for new drink options at a restaurant.