Good Writing Habits

How to Stay Motivated as a Writer

Develop a writing method, stay motivated, and draw inspiration for writing.

Almost every fiction writer has become stuck at a computer staring a blank screen, distracted by work, or just plain out of ideas for their story. Here are some suggestions & ideas to keep your fingers flying on the keyboard.

Research Life

Dive into a non-fiction book, visit a location, or speak to someone with first hand experience to learn more about a specific culture, food, politics, climate, etc.

Story elements will present themselves and endless ideas will begin pouring through you for use in your writing.

This real world research will also help to make your story more plausible by seeing all the nuances that real life offers.

Receive Feedback About Your Story

Feedback from outsiders provides tremendous value. Often times, writers fall in love with their work.

boomThey created it and thus value it more than anyone else. An important process in writing, at any stage, is to test and see if your story works with other people.

Allow friends, family, and co-workers to read your writing and tell you what they like and dislike. They can also give advice on how to fix story elements you may have trouble with.

And it doesn’t matter what stage your story is in, if you’re stuck and need help, let others read it. Many times they would feel honored that you asked them, meaning you value their opinion.

Find Short Bursts of Inspiration

Enjoy a movie, book, or a related article about the subject you’re writing. Use it to propel ideas and give you the motivation to return with renewed passion towards writing.

Read about authors whom you admire and find out their journey as aspiring writers. You’d be surprised at how many struggled to learn about, write, and rewrite their first book.

However, make sure to avoid making this a distraction. When reading something, absorb it enough and use that inspirational energy to boost yourself back into putting words on the page.

Develop Your Rhythm & Method

Writers will binge write for periods of months straight, some can only write from midnight to sun up, and a few will sit down to treat it like a steady 9-5. Everyone carries a different and unique biological system.

Finding and nurturing your writing time to match your body’s rhythms will tremendously ease the task of writing. How you write is also an important factor. If you find it difficult to type on a computer, then use a pad and paper. If that doesn’t work, try dictation into a voice recorder. Or find a writing partner.

Break Your Routine

Writing causes people to sit sedentary for long periods of time. Nothing moves except the fingers and arms. The mind can become overworked in this state. Counter it by pushing yourself away from your writing and take a walking, bike, or jog. And during your exercise, forget about your writing.

The point is to throw your body into the physical activity without the mind interfering. Give the mind a rest and your body a workout. This will help you return to writing invigorated.

If All Else Fails…

If all of the above mentioned fails to motivate you, then keep doing something to change your writing schedule, location, or even how you write. If you really desire to write, you’ll do whatever it takes to change your energy and your life to accommodate your writing habit.