Top Five Mistakes Freelance Writers Make

And Tips on How to Writing Traps Bidding for a freelance writing work requires objectivity and good judgment. Viewing a bid from the employer’s point of view can be the secret to delivering a successful bids for writing jobs. Every freelance writer should think about how a commissioning editor will view their bid and question […]

Good Writing Habits

How to Stay Motivated as a Writer Develop a writing method, stay motivated, and draw inspiration for writing. Almost every fiction writer has become stuck at a computer staring a blank screen, distracted by work, or just plain out of ideas for their story. Here are some suggestions & ideas to keep your fingers flying […]

Web Writing Jargon

Understanding Required for Content Writing Web writing requires an understanding of basic terms, including keywords, search engine optimization, and social networking. The internet provides endless opportunities for writers to get into the trade. Web writing has a low barrier to entry and can provide the flexibility writers often want. To get started in web writing, […]

Find Credible Sources or References

Cite Reliable Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly Articles in Papers When writing an academic paper or a piece that requires scholarly citations, use these tips to figure out if a source is appropriate. Knowing which publications are reliable and which may not be can help in writing a paper or article that needs to have references from […]